Sanitizing detergent spray with Tea Tree Oil extract

Biocomply’s family grows wider with Biodefence: a sanitizing detergent spray, only for professional use, to cleanse hands and common surfaces. This formula contains 70% of alcohol enriched with Tea Tree Oil extract, and others vegetal ingredient with antiseptic properties.


also available with 70% alcohol


sanitizing Detergent

Tea Tree Oil, Calendula flower Extract, Camelia Extracts

Sanitizing detergent spray for hands and common surfaces. BIODEFENCE enriched with Tea Tree Oil extract, for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Immediate absorption for smooth and fresh hands throughout in all kinds of situations.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: spray directly on the parts to be treated, massage for 20 seconds. Air-dried without rinsing. This product is also useful on work surfaces and on all items which should be cleaned.


Flask 1000 ml – 500 ml – 300 ml – 100 ml – 10 ml

Natural extracts


Noted for its particular natural antibacterial, purifying and anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it helps to increase normalizing action via a synergic purifying action.


Moisturizing properties with anti-aging effects, Camelia flowers are well-known as a natural antiseptic. They have healing properties, facilitate damaged skin tissue regeneration and fight free radicals.


Thanks to its antibiotic properties Calendula extract is indicated for cleans and take care of the skin. It contains Vitamin A which moisturizes and protects skin in order to ease the healing.