Comply Color

Plant-based hair colors without ammonia, resorcinol and PPD



COMPLY COLOR is a plant-based hair coloring that mixture herbal extracts with pure mineral pigments.
COMPLY COLOR, 92% of natural origin when ready for application, guarantees total coverage of white hair, gives intense and long-lasting reflexes. Gives full-bodied, strengthened and bright hair.

17 natural origin nuance

• Formulas free of chemical agents and the most common allergens, only natural dye herbs and pure minerals.
• No oxidizing agent for the total respect of the hair fiber.
• Full coverage of white hair, smooth and bright color.
• Visibly full-bodied and strengthened hair, with bright and long lasting reflections up to 12 washes.

COMPLY COLOR DOES NOT CONTAIN: Ammonia, Resorcinol, PPD and synthetic perfumes.

shampoo alkaline

Pre-treatment alkalizing shampoo with basic pH (pH=8,5); it helps to open the scales of the hair shaft so as to faclitate absorption of the active principles during the subsequent treatment.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply the product on wet hair and massage hair gently, leave for 1-2 minutes then rinse well with warm water. Repeat the procedure, if needed.


Flask 1000 ml

comply color

The new plant-based coloring is composed of natural dye powders that guarantee total respect for the hair. Maintain the hair health from smog and atmospheric agents.


Kit 2 sachets of 40 gr

essential oils

Essential oils seep into the hair structure and improve hydration. Suitable for both greasy and dry hair, Essential Oils blended with Comply Color increases hair shine and enhances coloring highlights.


Flask 100 ml

Natural Therapy

This thermal water is ideal for blending Comply Color. Natural Therapy is packaged directly at the source and without any type of additive.This thermal water thanks to its mineral salts, rehydrates and deeply nourish the hair.


Flask 1000 ml

17 Nuance


  1. Wash the hair with the Shampoo Alkaline pre-treatment and gently dab.
  2. Heat NATURAL THERAPY at 80 ° C.
  3. Blend NATURAL THERAPY with  COMPLY COLOR according to the type of hair.
  4. Leave on for 2/3 minutes.
  5. Add 20 ml di Essential Oils.
  6. Apply as indicated in the instructions for use.
  7. Cover with a cap and leave on for 35/40 minutes under a heater.
  8. Rinse with warm water.
  9. Wash with Biocomply Colored Hair Shampoo.
  10. Proceed with the desired styling.

Anti-yellow Shampoo


Anti-yellow, technical cosmetic shampoo with vegetable proteins and
special pigments. It cleanses gently and counteracts the yellow reflections in white or grey hair, giving it shine and vitality. Ideal for making the highlights glow.

According to the modern colorimetry, the COMPLY SILVER anti-yellowing shampoo uses a concentrate of violet pigments to neutralize unwanted yellow reflections, enhance the beauty of gray, white or platinum blonde hair. Thanks to its essential oils and active ingredients, it gives strength to the hair brittle.

The gray and white hair reveals a pure color with shining reflections, the platinum blonde hair is enriched with bright highlights. Silicones free, this technical cosmetic shampoo illuminates blonde hair or even hair that has 50% to 100% white hair. Excellent for highlight streaks, neutralizing the unsightly straw-coloured matt reflex from the hair.

Instructions for use: Apply the shampoo to wet hair and work it into a lather. Leave on for a few minutes depending on the type of hair and the strength of the reflections to be eliminated. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Shampoo again if necessary.
For maintenance it is advisable to use COMPLY SILVER anti-yellow shampoo at least once every 10 days.


Flask 500 ml