Daily Use

Frequent use moisturising, nourishing and softening treatment

I capelli, pur non presentando disfunzioni strutturali, sono comunque sottoposti tutti i giorni ad aggressioni esterne che potrebbero intaccare la loro bellezza.

Per mantenere inalterate le caratteristiche dei capelli è indispensabile prendersi cura di loro, con prodotti specifici che apportino igiene, non alterino la naturale protezione, rispettino e ravvivino il volume e la luminosità naturali.

La speciale miscela di olii essenziali ad azione nutriente, emolliente e idratante, ha un’azione intensiva che contribuisce a mantenere il normale equilibrio lipidico della struttura capillare e a prevenirne la secchezza.



Orange Blossom’s Water and Cotton Milk

Daily use shampoo formulated with low build-up conditioners for an instant and lustrous silky hair, without weighing it down. It’s enriched with actives: Orange Blossom’s Water and Cotton Milk, with moisturising, anti-reddening and regenerating properties. Ideal for frequent use and after the practice of sports.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply the product on wet hair, lather and massage gently; leave on for 1-2 minutes then rinse with warm water. Repeat shampooing if necessary.


Flask 1000 ml – 500 ml – 100ml



Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil and Macadamia Oil

Frequent use conditioner, a lighter fluid with conditioning power that does not weigh down the hair but leaves it soft and docile, helping a smoother brushing and combing. Enriched with actives and a mixture of oils: Macadamia Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, for a nourishing and hydrating action, which help to maintain the normal lipid balance of the hair structure and prevent dryness. Ideal for frequent use and suitable for all types of hair.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply the product on wet hair, lather and massage gently; leave on for 1-2 minutes then rinse with warm water.


Flask 1000 ml



Silk Proteins and Hydrolyzed Cheratin

Frequent use mask with conditioning and detangling power, it gives smooth- ness and softness to your hair. Enriched with Silk Protein actives and Hydrolyzed Keratin, bringing body and support without adding weight, and giving soft- ness and shine for a healthy and vital looking hair. It’s demonstrated that the constant use of protein products on the hair contributes to increasing the diameter over time, giving results in nourishing and volumizing. Ideal for frequent use, suitable for all hair types.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply on towel-dried washed hair, comb through the lengths, leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse with warm water.


Jar 500 ml

Natural extracts


A fresh water is obtained from these flowers with remarkable calming and antispasmodic powers. With tonic, anti-reddening, regenerating and refreshing properties.


The palmitic acid content in this oil helps to combat free radicals and thus delay cell aging. It is most suitable for those with dry, frizzy or damaged hair, giving it a healthy, soft and shiny appearance.


Almonds are a precious source of vitamin E and minerals, particularly magnesium, iron and calcium, and have an extremely high fibre content. Sweet almond oil is soothing and emollient, preventing hair from dehydration and is highly recommended for dry, brittle, frizzy and colored hair.