Purifying treatment for scalp with dry or oily dandruff

Normal dandruff (pityriasis sicca), usually more frequent in winter, occurs with sizeable flakes accompanied by itching. The scalps of people with this condition are easily irritated, which often leads to scratching. The condition can be aggravated both by environmental factors (it improves during the summer) and changes in the physiological con- dition of sufferers.

Sometimes, alongside a layer of dandruff, sufferers may have a seborrhoea of varying intensity, i.e. an excessive oily secretion on the scalp. The two conditions together lead to greasy dandruff or Pityriasis Steatoides. In this case, dandruff flakes do not fall so frequent- ly onto the shoulders of sufferers, but remain in the hair, held by excessive oil.

In case of Pityriasis Steatoides, itching is often significant and accompanied by redness and skin irritation.



Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus, Mint essential oil

Formulated with surfactants of vegetable origin and fragrance synthesis, cleanses, balances and purifies the scalp. It favors the elimination of dandruff, both dry and oily is delaying the reappearance increasing tone and elasticity of the skin.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply on the scalp moist. Gently massage into the skin, leave on 3-4 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


Flask 1000 ml – 500 ml – 100ml



Nettle extract, Menthol, Sage

Dandruff hair is a purifying treatment for scalps suffering from dry or oily dandruff. It completes the action of the PURIFYING SHAMPOO, countering the recurrence of dandruff. It soothes, relieves and normalizes irritated scalps.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Use the designated dropper to distribute over sections of damp hair. Gently comb the entire length and let set for 2 minutes. Do not rinse.


Flask 100 ml

Natural extracts


Noted for its particular natural anti- bacterial, purifying and anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it helps to increase normalizing action via a synergic purifying action.


It has anesthetic, antiseptic, cleansing and carminative properties. Like eucalyptus, mint has strong antiseptic, anti-parasitic and germicide properties thanks to its polyphenol content. In addition, it refreshes and decongests.


In addition to the plant’s vasoconstrictive and haemostatic properties, the leaves are rich in silicon, which stimulates the immune system, in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese and potassium; and in vitamins A, C and K, which give it re-mineralising, rebuilding and toning properties.


Purifying, cleansing, and strengthening, it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent solution for skin irritations, effectively removes excess sebum, counteracting dandruff.


It carries out a sanitizing, astringent and sebum-regulating action. Particularly suitable for the treatment of oily or impurities, it reduces sebum production and stimulates hair growth.


It performs an important local anaesthetic action, even in low doses. Piroctone Olamine is strongly recommended for use in products for the cleansing of greasy hair, as it performs a wide range of anti-dandruff, sebum regulating and anti-microbial actions. It also contains antioxidant properties.