Sebum Balance

Normalizing DETOX treatment for greasy scalp and heavy hair

Heavy, dull hair, prone to dirty, you would wash it every day to not feel awkward. Instead, not to worse the situation, oily hair must be treated gently, proceeding step by step, in order to correct their blemish without irritate the scalp, the tips dryness or further affect the phenomenon.

For a law of compensation, the more you degrease the scalp, the more sebaceous glands are induced to produce sebum and the hair get greasy even faster.

The sebum carries out an important protective action against external agents, in practice, without the proper amount of sebum, the hair remain without the necessary defenses and soon get weak, dry and prone to breaking at the first trauma.

Thus, Biocomply Sebum Balance helps to gently eliminate toxins that stimulate the sebaceous glands in order to normalize sebum production.


Normalizing Detoxifying Action

Tea Tree Oil, Organic Willow Bark Extract, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Shampoo specifically-made to treat scalp and oily hair, washes the hair’s stem and its active agents cleanse and remove toxins in the scalp, and giving the hair a clean and light feeling. It refreshes, normalizes and contributes to eliminate bad odors usually caused by excess oil.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply the product on wet hair and massage hair gently, leave for 1-2 minutes then rinse well with warm water. Repeat the procedure, if needed.


Flask 1000 ml – 500 ml – 100ml



Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Spray lotion specifically-made for the treatment of oily skin and hair. Enriched with essential oils: Lemon, Sweet orange and Tea Tree oil, which are specifically used to cleanse and remove toxins. The Malva extract acts as a lenitive. .

RECOMMENDED TREATMENT CYCLE: 1-2 applications a wee for 20-30 days. Repeat treatment, if necessary. Do not rinse. For external use only.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply on skin and hair, massage to help absorption. Do not rinse.


Flask 200 ml

Natural extracts


Rich in salicin, specific active principle with a purifying and anti-inflammatory action, has also important balancing properties.


It has anesthetic, antiseptic, cleansing and carminative properties. Like eucalyptus, mint has strong antiseptic, anti-parasitic and germicide properties thanks to its polyphenol content. In addition, it refreshes and decongests.


Extract by cold squeezing of the orange peels, has remarkable tonifying and restoring properties, it soothie redness and scalp chafing, cleanses skin cells and encourage better blood flow.


Noted for its particular natural antibacterial, purifying and anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it helps to increase normalizing action via a synergic purifying action.



it carries out a sanitizing, astringent and sebum-regulating action. Particularly suitable for the treatment of oily or impurities, it reduces sebum production and stimulates hair growth.