Vegetal Styling

Line of professional finish products based on natural plant extracts

BIOCOMPLY is enriched with a revolutionary styling line based on natural plant extracts, which thanks to its active ingredients nourishes, moisturizes and protects the hair from smog and atmospheric agents.

With the new complete line of BIOCOMPLY fixatives it’s possible to obtain any type of styling, from the extreme styling to the mouldable one; from the wet effect to the natural effect.

BIOCOMPLY style ever changing



Pro-vitamin B5

Super-fixative fluid with anti-gravity effect. Ideal for short or otherwise directed hair. Leaves no residue. Hydrates and polishes due to the presence of pro-Vitamin B5. Take in small quantities, massage into hands, apply according to the desired styling. When used with damp hair it gives “the wet look”.


Jar 200 ml



Rosehip Extract, Organic Sweet Orange Extract, Green Tea, Organic Keratin

Eco-friendly hairspray of vegetable origin for an extra-strong hold. It controls and sculpts the hair naturally protecting it from damp and frizz. Enriched with natural extracts that strengthen and protect your hair all day long, leaving it silky and bright. It leaves no residue even when used multiple times a day. Instructions for use: spray onto damp or dry hair from 15/20 cm away and style as desired. For extra volume, lift the hair and spray onto the roots.


Flask 250 ml

Allure Wax


Limonene, Linalool, Cumarin

Water-based modeling and polishing wax, ideal for wet looks, allows to give shape to the hairstyle and fix the movement, giving an elastic, flexible hairstyle with a natural effect. Get a versatile, bright and vital hair look, without weighing or sticking your hair. Perfect for both straight and curly hair, the very light wax is indicated for adding volume and definition to styling. For a wet look, apply Allure Wax on dry hair, for a natural or defined wet-finish styling, apply the wax directly to wet hair before blow-drying it with a hairdryer or plate.


Jar 100 ml

Ultra Gel Wax


Macadamia Oil

Ultra strong gel with controlled fixing. Its texture allows it to easily shape the hair and ensures extreme and sculpted looks. Its special formula separates, discipline, gives brightness and wet effect, allowing a long lasting hold. Suitable for all hair types. With solar filter. Remove the product with your hands and apply to dry or slightly damp hair. Distribute on the desired parts and shape according to the desired look.


Jar 500 ml

Natural extracts


Extract by cold squeezing of the orange peels, has remarkable tonifying and restoring properties, it soothie redness and scalp chafing, cleanses skin cells and encourage better blood flow.


Green tea is a natural anti-bacterial and contains the antioxidants necessary to reduce cell ageing, foster tissue regeneration and combat free radicals, thought to be responsible for degenerative conditions. In addition, green tea offers the skin protection from damaging UV rays.


The palmitic acid content in these fruits helps to combat free radicals and thus delay cell ageing. It is most suitable for those with dry, frizzy or damaged hair, giving it a healthy, soft and shiny appearance.